Balcony TV Review: John Spillane

John Spillane via Wikimedia Commons

John Spillane, A Rock To Cling To

“Everybody needs a rock to cling to,” croons John Spillane in his distinctive Cork tones. A song with John Spillane is like going into another, much nicer,  world for all too brief a time. A singer, songwriter, poet and dreamer, John weaves beautiful soundscapes for his listeners to escape into.

A Rock To Cling To  is the title track of his seventh solo album. John is a passionate advocate of the Irish language, and he jokes that some people think that A Rock To Cling To is actually in Irish. No matter- John’s music transcends language and he is equally adept in either tongue.

John is capable of whimsy as well as melacholy wistfulness, but here he is at his best. A few minutes out from the everyday  in the company of a unique voice strumming beautifully on the guitar and you return to the ‘real world’ refreshed.

A rock to cling to, as John tells us, is the person that keeps us sane in a mad world. His music is a rock to cling to in an increasingly magic-less environment.

A review of music from Balcony TV. Video displayed with permission from Balcony TV. This article appeared on on March 27 2012. 

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