It’s the most chocolately time of the year!

WillowGardeners via Flickr

Maybe it’s just that I’ve gotten (slightly) bigger since I was ten, but Easter eggs seem a lot smaller these days. This disgraceful chocolate shrinkage was confirmed last year when Cadburys admitted there were less sweets in a tin of Roses, but so far, there has been no word on Easter eggs.

One thing is certain: Easter eggs are definitely cheaper nowadays. Most of the main supermarkets are doing deals where you can get three small eggs for a fiver. Today’s kids can stuff their faces until next Easter, which may not be a good thing.

Easter eggs started off as painted chicken eggs, a custom that still survives today (see this slideshow on the Huffington Post of some brilliant painted eggs). The egg is of course a symbol of fertility and new life and some believe its use goes back to pagan times. Others argue that because eggs were forbidden during Lent, people ate them to celebrate on Easter Sunday.

Whatever its origins, the Easter egg is here to stay. And thank God for that! I maybe older now than I like to be, but stuffing my face with chocolate will be a childhood hobby I’ll always cherish.

The Easter egg with mug seems to be a recent innovation, one I’m very much in favour of. What better way to have a souvenir of your Easter indulgence than a big mug for your tea for the rest of the year. One year I was so determined to have a Creme Egg mug, I even asked the manager of the local supermarket to tell me when they got more in stock. I also put my name down for a raffle hamper which contained the very egg I wanted. What happened? The supermarket not only got the eggs back in stock but I also won the raffle. I have two Creme Egg mugs sitting at home for tea whenever I want them. I may or may not have been 21 at the time.

It may be no Christmas, but Easter is the one time of the year it’s acceptable for adults to eat their own bodyweight in chocolate. For that reason it will always have a special place in my heart.

This article first appeared on on April 5 2012. 


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