Balcony TV Review: Sarah Red

Sarah Red (via Facebook, permission from Sarah Red Music)

Some songs and singers take you to another place, somewhere timeless where old and new seem to mingle and become one.

It’s not likely to be anything you hear on daytime radio, but there is somewhere giving great young Irish artists a voice. It’s Balcony TV, an international website which features musicians from across the world.

One of the latest postings on Balcony TV’s Dublin site is the performance of local woman Sarah Red on the rooftop of Sweeney’s Bar in Dame Street.

Three minutes out from the world in the company of Sarah Red’s red hair and green guitar, and let ‘Seven Days’ take you away to another place. This melancholic and beautiful tune speaks of love gained and lost, of nights spent crying and laughing, days spent gazing out of rain covered windows and sitting on the grass in a sunny park.

I know this song will be one I’ll stick on my iPod when I’m in a contemplative mood. It’s the type of song you can see becoming a much-loved companion.

‘Seven Days’ haunting lyrics tells the listener about a heart surrounded, “you made the strong walls weak”. Sarah’s gentle voice captures the pain and loss inherent in the song, while losing none  of its beauty. She’s definitely an artist to look out for, following in the great girl with a guitar tradition of artists such as Joni Mitchell.

Her performance is impassioned and gutsy, and her technical craft and skill is apparent. She captivates the viewer with her simply gorgeous voice and guitar playing.

Sarah Red is a solo alternative folk artist who began her career singing with Dublin band howl/Elastic Affair, and was briefly a vocalist with Tongue Bundle, a jazz outfit.

She’s now a solo artist and in the process of recording her first album. Sarah’s music is raw and folksy, influenced by artists like Tori Amos, Bjork, Radiohead, and even Etta James. There’s more amazing songs to listen to and download on her official Facebook page, Sarah Red Music. She will be playing at the Jack of Diamonds Rhythm and Roots Festival in Dublin next August.

Sarah Red is definitely a name to look out for and more proof of the amazing talent here in Ireland.

Image reproduced with permission.

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