Galway no longer Occupied: In pictures

The last Occupy camp standing in Ireland was dismantled last night in a dawn raid by Gardai and council workers.
The Occupy Galway camp, which had been in place for seven months, was cleared at approx. 4.30am by up to 50 gardai. Here are some photos from Eyre Square today, where protesters held a public meeting on the campsite at 1pm.



1. A council digger removes the last of the camp


2. Some continue the protest


3. The remains of Occupy Galway


4. Tape circles the site of Occupy Galway


5. A selection of the crowd at Eyre Square to hear the protesters speak at 1pm today


6.  A garda and others watch the meeting


7. The clear-up goes on


8. Paul Murphy of Occupy Galway speaks to the crowd


9. A protester comes to the rescue of a fallen sign

Check out the report on the removal of Occupy Galway here.

All photos by Roisin Peddle, 2012. For permissions please contact me via randomdescent. This article first appeared on on May 16 2012. 

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