A promising start: True Blood Season 5 Episode 1: Turn! Turn! Turn!

Pam, not in Walmart sweatsuit (Darkchacal via Flickr)

A review of the first episode of True Blood Season 5. SPOILERS! 

Let’s face it, Season 4 of True Blood was disappointing. Too much focus on witches, mediums, shifters, and not enough by far on the stars of the show- the vampires.

So the opening episode was a promising return to form. When we left Bon Temps last, Tara had taken a bullet for Sookie, who was being shot at by the deranged Debbie Pelt, and Sookie had plugged Debbie. Half of Tara’s head was missing, and so instead of letting her die with good grace (Tara’s woe-is-me act has really worn thin) they called on Pam to turn her.

Pam has always been given some fantastic lines, and she was at her best here. “I’m wearing a Walmart sweatsuit for y’all. If that’s not a demonstration of team spirit I don’t know what is.” Tara might, she pointed out, wake up “totally fucktarded” and it seems that Pam’s prediction came true; Tara was insensible when she arose from the dead. Will Sookie and Lafayette have to run around after a mentally deficient vampire for the rest of the season? Who knows, but at least Tara’s not whining.

Far more importantly, the divine Eric Northman, along with Bill Compton, were cleaning up after their own murder. Having staked Nan Flanagan (a character I always enjoyed I must say) at the end of last season, our first Season 5 glimpse of  Eric involved him cleaning up her goo at record speed. Not only beautiful to look at, but a handy vampire to have around the house.

Nothing escapes the Authority for long, and within moments, Eric and Bill were both wrapped in silver and bundled into a van. A van which they blew up to the sound of Paul McCartney’s Silly Love Songs. Nice touch.

But they had someone on the inside; Eric’s ‘sister’ Nora, who was also made by Godric. The definition of sibling is a little different in the undead world; Eric and Nora greeted each other with a long French kiss and a knee-trembler behind the shipping containers.

The Authority are never too far behind though, and Nora’s scheme to help Eric and Bill escape to new lives doesn’t quite go to plan.

Anyone remember the smarmy Reverend Stephen Newlin from Season 2? He led an anti-vampire sect called the Fellowship of the Sun. Jason joined the group in a fit of anti-Bill fervour and briefly became a Christian before having it off with the good reverend’s wife in the pews. Well Steve Newlin’s back; and he’s fanged!

Brilliant scenes as he simultaneously came out and came onto Jason, who declined, and was rescued by Jessica, who has really grown into her role as Bon Temps’ sexiest teen vampire.

Arlene and Terry have marriage trouble connected with the arrival of Patrick, and Sam is off the hook as Alcide tells the wolf-pack he killed Marcus. In the name of all that’s unholy, I hope neither of these storylines take up too much space, because I find them nearly as tedious as doing a tax return.

All in all, there was plenty to keep fangbangers amused, entertained and intrigued in this season premiere. Bodes well for the season ahead!

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