Cars Love Girls, the sound of the Irish summer

Sunny days… will we ever get them? (Irish Typepad via Flickr)

New Irish band Cars Love Girls released their debut album Skip School on March 9. The brother and sister duo couldn’t have written a better soundtrack for the (hopefully) long, hot summer of 2012.

Skip School is a sun-drenched journey through funk and retro R’n’B in the company of siblings Bres and Orla. Both Bres and Orla cut their teeth with Republic of Loose, one of Ireland’s biggest bands. Bres was a founding member and Orla joined as a vocalist in 2006. Bres himself co-wrote some of the bands biggest hits, like Comeback Girl and I Like Music. Republic of Loose’s too-cool-to-be-Irish influence can be seen on Skip School, but Cars Love Girls have a style all of their own.

Cars Love Girls got their big break last year through their tour of Ireland with ex-Blizzards frontman and current judge on The Voice, Bressie.

The album opens with What’s on My Mind, a minute of musing on times past and to come. It sets a good tone for an album that puts you in mind of endless teenage summer days.

Cars Love Girls released their first single, Lose Your Mind, last October. This song naturally makes an appearance on Skip School and is a testament to the band’s love of Prince (in a good way). You could just imagine the Purple One singing this song. Current single Future Ex-Wife opens with the startlingly cynical line “I just met my future ex-wife and I really want to get know that girl,” and I guarantee it’ll be stuck in your head for the next few weeks.

The eponymous track Cars Love Girls has a bassline reminiscent of a Van Halen song. Cars Love Girls wear their influences on their sleeves, but they have a style all of their own. Shades of Republic of Loose’s most famous song Comeback Girl abound in Street Song and Cars Love Girls are an evolution of the Dublin band’s sound.

The last two tracks are real highlights. Light Came Back is a sweet piano-driven tune about reuniting with a lost love. And Funny Little Thing, the last song, is slower than anything else on the album and a fitting close to the album. Evocative of a hot summer night it’s a great epilogue to an album that evokes long, hot summer days.

Skip School is the perfect soundtrack to a day lying out in the sun in Eyre Square. It’s available on iTunes now.

This article appeared in Sin on April 1 2012. 

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