Lost in fairyland: True Blood Season 5 Episode 4: We’ll Meet Again

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Bit behind with my True Blood catch-up sadly, but episode 5 will definitely be up before the end of the weekend. Oh, warning: spoilers! 

In the olden days, you fell asleep beside a ring fort and were taken away to a magical kingdom where music (of the harp and flute variety) and revelry wore out your feet until dawn, whereupon you awoke, shivering and freezing, on a bed of cow pats. Despite popular perception, time has moved on in Faerie, and nowadays you enter blindfolded in a limo. The realm of the fairies looks like a cross between a strip club, a gay bar and Cirque de Soleil, and you get unceremoniously chucked out by the bouncers for causing trouble. Actually, it doesn’t seem all that different from Coppers.

This was where Jason and Andy found themselves after taking up an invite from a sleazy local official. Jason looked to be getting laid again- and Andy caught up with his fairy belle from last season- until Jason spotted his and Sookie’s cousin Hadley. You might remember her as Queen Sophie Anne’s (and what a brilliant character she was) pet from Seasons 2 and 3. You might also recall that Hadley has a problem with keeping secrets. So within, oh, thirty seconds, she let slip that Jason and Sookie’s parents were killed by vampires, not in a flood.

We might be getting closer to understanding the Stackhouse family tree, which I’m sure will explain why Jason has shown absolutely no magical powers whatsoever. And I’m fairly sure sex appeal is not a magical power, although the sight of him a suit definitely did something uncanny to me.

The vampire double dealing continues. The traitor in the ranks was discovered, and thankfully it was that annoying little kid. He swiftly met the true death. More Biblical references abound, with the stake made from the tree Judas hanged himself from. What’s the betting Lilith was Salome’s maker?

The episode was all about reunions. As well as Jason bumping into Hadley, Eric and Pam made up, but Eric is so convinced he’ll die he released Pam. The latter was busy mothering Tara and providing her with some fresh blood. Terry and Patrick came upon their crazy old army buddy. Sookie and Alcide got drunk and finally ended up having it off.

Except we didn’t see anything, Bill and Eric did. The voyeuristic vampires gazed through the window at Sookie and Alcide drunkenly snogging, fully clothed. Are there different writers this season? True Blood was always unstinting in its depiction of sex of all varieties, but we haven’t had one good sex scene yet. Disappointing, and don’t you judge, I could be reading Fifty Shades of Grey after all.

Coy fade-to-black scenes are for pre-watershed. We’re grown ups, we can take it!

That rant aside, this was a good linking episode which will set up something interesting for episode 5. Again, the secondary storylines are a little dull. I couldn’t care less that Sam found that creepy shifter couple dead. Speaking of Sam, it was interesting when he interacted with Sookie a few episodes back. It was a forceful reminder that he was a good character back in Seasons 1 and 2 when he was in a supporting role, but he’s not interesting enough to hold his own.

I rather liked the Iraq war scenes but it all had a what’s-that-got-to-do-with-the-price-of-cabbage feeling. If I wanted to watch something about US soldiers going doolally in the desert I would watch Three Kings. But I’m watching something about vampires. Vampires don’t go to deserts as a general rule.

The writers really need to get back to the roots of this show, and I hope they do fast. I live in hope.

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