Things to do in Galway, especially for you, Gary Neville

A piece I did for the Daily Shift. I tweeted it at Gary. He never replied.

Ain't it pretty? (byPhalinn Ooi via Flickr)

Ain’t it pretty? (byPhalinn Ooi via Flickr)

It has been an incredible year for the city of the Tribes, and after a successful Volvo Ocean Race, we now have a sporting celebrity in our midst!

Yes, Gary Neville, formerly of Manchester United and England, like many a brave man before him, will be making a pilgrimage to the wild wesht for a stag.

In true 2012 fashion, he turned to Twitter to decide what to do while in Galway:

via Twitter

via Twitter

Gary, Gary, Gary. Things to do? Places to see? Galway has many of both. So if you’re reading Mr Neville, and any other celebrities who might be passing, here are seven things to do in Galway:

  1. Well the first thing you will see, Gary, presuming you alight from the train (if you’re driving/being driven, well hello roundabouts) is the rather lovely vista of Eyre Square. Unfortunately you missed all the fun and games of the Volvo, when there were yarn covered statues and fairground rides for the kiddies, but still, there are jarveys (a relatively new addition) and watching taxis and buses playing dodgems is always amusing. You can even get your fortune read for a fiver.
  2. Further down is Shop Street. I know you’re not one of those metrosexual floopers that seem to constitute the ranks of modern professional footballers. Yet for the very special ladies in your life (Gary is married to Emma and they have two young daughters) it’s the perfect place to get a present for the girls. You can also savour the atmosphere of Galway’s main thoroughfare, with its multiple buskers and roaming Americans. Keep an eye out for the three lads who defy gravity by performing trad on the bollards outside Brown Thomas, and the legendary butcher of Moon River.
  3. Right, we all know that stag weekends are not about shopping and sightseeing. Well, you’ve come to the right place. If there’s one thing Galwegians know how to do, it’s party. While great clubs like Halo offer the whole kit and caboodle, I’m guessing at this stage of life you might prefer a pub? There’s tons to choose from. From cocktails at the Skeff, live music at Kelly’s, alternativeness at the achingly hip Roisin Dubh, to trad at Tig Coili, the buzz of the Front Door, and more music at Monroes, there’s so much choice it might just make your head spin. For the craic Galway cannot be bate!
The craic is mighty (by Jessica Spengler via Flickr)

The craic is mighty (by Jessica Spengler via Flickr)

  1. Now Gary, you might be feeling a little sick after your night in Galway’s bars. If you’re anything like me, you’ll need a good feed the morning after. In Galway you’re spoilt for choice. Try an all day breakfast in the Cellar, or fish ‘n’chips in McDonaghs. The King’s Head is a great spot for an afternoon pint and a King Charles’ burger: yum! While we’re on food- you have to try Supermacs at 3am. That’s what makes a real Galwegian.
  2. Take a stroll down the old Long Walk as the song goes. You cannot leave Galway without exploring the bay and docks. The Spanish Arch is one of Galway’s most historic sites, and crossing the bridge by Jury’s, you can take a walk by the Claddagh, see the swans and eventually make your way to the Salthill Prom. If you’re lucky enough to be here on a rare sunny day, you will have found that you have stumbled on paradise. What better way to clear your head?
  3. Obviously you have a love of sport, and the people of Galway share that too. Home to the late great soccer player Eamon ‘Chick’ Deacy, this sporting city has its own soccer club, Galway United. If you are around on July 28, a Galway XI will be playing Port Vale in tribute to the aforementioned Mr Deacy. Galway’s also home to Connacht RFC, and if you want to get a taste of our native games, well, track down a copy of Galway beating Kilkenny in hurling last Sunday!
  4. You may have missed the Volvo, but there’s so much more happening in Galway this summer. From the Arts Festival to the Races, there’s always something happening in this buzzing city, so just stroll around and explore!

You’re sure to love your visit to the City of the Tribes, Mr Neville!

The Daily Shift’s Roisin Peddle gives soccer legend Gary Neville some tips for a great trip to Galway. 

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