Vamps on the loose: True Blood Season 5 Episode 7: In The Beginning

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You know the drill guys: SPOILERS!

After watching this episode, I dug out an old college essay I wrote on Lilith. She was a major figure in Jewish folklore, a sort of bogeyman parents used to frighten their kids with. As Adam’s first wife, she was created from clay, not his ribs, and was his equal. As his equal, she demanded something a bit more exciting than the missionary position. Adam, who clearly had some sexual issues, freaked out and got rid of her. Oh, and… “Lilith was also, in her early form as Sumerian demon, a vampire, which are by nature nocturnal.” Oh, the academic world really lost an incisive mind when I went into journalism.

I always admire how close to the myth True Blood sticks; it was the same with Maryann, and even the shifters have a ground in native American folklore. So Lilith should be a very interesting character- did I mention we met her this week?

Unsurprisingly, Salome was the traitor in the ranks of the Authority, and now she has no-one to stand in her way. Resistance is futile; Russell ripped off the head of the creepy German vampire when he objected to drinking Lilith’s blood.

This sequence was really back to the show’s campy best. Eric didn’t want to drink the blood because it was being offered by “bible-bashing c**ts”, but then both him and Bill swiftly changed their minds when they saw they had no choice. Reasoning that it could do no harm, they swallowed it down. Famous last words…

Drunkenly swaggering around New Orleans, fanged, and abusing passersby, it wasn’t long before the intoxicated vamps found a watering hole of the human variety. Crashing a family party, we heard Russell crooning ‘You Light Up My Life’ (how I missed him, welcome back Denis O’Hare), before it inevitably turned into a bloodbath.

In what I think (but I’m open to correction) was True Blood‘s first full-frontal nude, Lilith materialised admist the orgy of blood sucking. She doesn’t do talking, but rather breathes bloody mists at people, mostly Nora. Of course Godric then materialised, as is his wont, to Eric telling him that killing humans for sport is wrong.

Now, let me get this straight. Is ghost Godric the ghost of his human self or vampire self? Seeing as he talks to Eric like a maker, surely it’s the vampire version. So how can a vampire become a ghost, given that a vampire is already dead? How much mutation can one soul take? Thinking about this makes my head explode.

Leaving aside metaphysical conundrums, it is clear Eric is pretty much on his own if he wants to challenge the new Authority, Bill being unavailable due his bloodlust frenzy. Still though, no better man than Eric to knock Lilith off the top spot (ho-ho, Jewish folklore double entrendre).

I’m short on words for the other incidences of episode. Jason’s shooting of Jessica is not cool at all and blaming her for the death of his parents isn’t either. Tara is beginning to come into her own and her threatening of her crazy mother was a little sinister, but what’s worse is Pam’s mothering technique, which is more ‘predatory lesbian’ than ‘caring older sister’.

Sookie, in the week’s other big news, discovered her powers are finite, and set about wasting them spectacularly. Now, she knows a crazy vampire wants to kill her and her ‘microwave’ powers are the only thing that repels him. Yet she wastes them in attempt to be normal. That’s just silly.

Did we really have to see Arlene and Terry’s wedding video? No, we did not. Mind you, I enjoyed the Ifreet’s warning appearance, and Patrick is finally taking it seriously. I also changed my mind and discovered I don’t want Terry to be turned to ash.

There was more nonsense with the werewolves and shifters, and as a final note to the writers: Now that Lafayette has escaped Jesus’ crazy granddad, can you please allow him to have a normal life? I miss fabulous Lafayette, and I’m sick of watching him get tortured.

Next week’s episode is called ‘Somebody I Used to Know’. I do enjoy that song.

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