Irredeemable vampires?: True Blood Season 5 Episode 8: Somebody I Used to Know

darkchacal via Flickr

My True Blood reviews-and everything else- will be a little sporadic over the next two weeks as I have a thesis to finish (and start). Spoilers. 

Cheating on Hoyt is clearly a bad idea. Aiming a gun-filled with wooden and silver bullets- to Jessica’s head, he told her that she had slept with Jason. Well, duh, but would he shoot a human ex for the same thing? Because you can’t do that. It’s, you know, murder. You can’t murder everyone that ticks you off. I know. I got ten years for it once.

In the end, he couldn’t go through with it, leaving Jessica to find help, but he got lost and kidnapped at gunpoint. The anti-supernatural vigilantes are tying the strands of the various subplots together, and overall contributed to a solid episode which moved the story on.

People aren’t being very nice to each other in Bon Temps at the moment. It’s a measure of how much Bill has fallen that Eric is now the good guy. After  last week’s feast, Eric is all reformed by Godric’s visit, but he’s on his own. Bill’s conscience wavered after Salome procured a young mother for him to gorge on. Oddly, when faced with a lady in lingerie breathing heavily (I know it was terror, but still) his thoughts turned to his daughter. He remembers visiting her on her deathbed (is it just me or does Bill get much more Southern in the 19th century?). She begged him to turn her, but Bill, not wanting her to endure immortality or cramp his style, refused. If we thought that this would make Bill spare the woman on the bed, we were wrong. Bill is firmly on the dark side.

Russell brightened up the episode as always. His flirting with the good Rev Newlin annoyed Salome no end while she tried to conduct a meeting. “Yes my pet?” he answered with supreme condescension. We also learned this week that the prayer of Russell goes “praise Lilith, praise Jesus, praise Moses’ cock!”

Less fun was Sam’s almost making out with himself. Luna is a skinwalker, and she accidentally transformed into Sam. It was funny when Luna-as-Sam kept acting feminine, but creepy when he nearly kissed himself…

Last week I hoped Lafayette would be back to his fabulous best, and after taking a little bit of V, seeing Jesus’ ghost and relunctantly helping Arlene and Holly, we got a glimpse of the old Lafayette. His conduction of a seance was pretty funny. Of course the Iraqi woman Terry killed showed up, and told Terry he must kill his commander to break free of the Ifreet’s curse. That’s an easy one. Sorry Patrick, I’d rather remember you as Elliot’s sweet boyfriend from Scrubs. (Coincidentally, where did Lafayette learn such good Arabic?)

Jason convinced Sookie that wasting her powers would be foolish, not because Russell wants to kill her, but because they have to find out who killed their parents. More fairy hippy claptrap ensued and we found out a vamp named Warlow did it… and now he’s got her in his sights again…

There was more packmaster nonsense, but we got a great old look at Alcide’s body. We just need more Eric and I’ll be happy…

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