Bill on the dark side?: True Blood Season 5 Episode 9: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

watch with kristin via Flickr

First a note: I’ve been really behind with my reviews due to thesis and work. But all those things are going away now so I’m back on track with True Blood… Still to see Episodes 10 and 11 before the finale Sunday! 

Now this is the kinda stuff I’ve been missing. A really rollicking episode of True Blood, complete with wickedly funny dialogue, a twist in the tail, even more twisted sex and a couple of hundred cliffhangers.

First off Lafayette, thy name is fabulous. You might remember a few episodes back I was concerned we would never see the wonderfully bitchy character of earlier seasons now that he’s immersed in death and gloom. Not so. Being a medium seems to suit him. He started chatting nonchalantly to the late Adele Stackhouse, while other lost souls clamoured for his attention. “I ain’t Gmail for dead bitches!” he said, before informing Sookie the secret to her parents’ murders lay in a box under the bed.

The murder of Sookie’s parents led to her interviewing the retired sheriff of Renard Parish, Bud Dearborn. I’ve always had a soft spot for Bud ever since he retired back in Season 2, essentially saying “fuck this for a game of soldiers, I’m off.” Turns out Bud was the Dragon (it’s a KKK-inspired term apparently) of the Obamas, the anti-shifter vigilante brigade. So Andy and Jason believed (as did Luna and Sam, being literally, flies on the wall- the cheesiest shifter moment ever on the show). Turns out the head honcho was Bud’s morbidly obese girlfriend, who likes to feed supes to her pigs. Hoyt is currently hovering between life and death- a night in a pig pen’ll do that to you- and Bud ended up with a bullet in the chest.

I also wondered a few weeks ago what the story was with the Obama masks. A sneaky comment on how Barack is demonised by his opponents, I reckon. One of my favourite exchanges in the episode was Andy patiently telling journalists, “No, the president of the United States is not in Renard Parish killing and kidnapping people.”

What of the vamps? Russell has kidnapped Emma and given her to Steve as a present: the wolves are so in thrall to V they didn’t even attempt to stop him, apart from Martha. More gorging on human flesh apace: the first scene in the episode we saw some man’s flaccid penis for far too long before the vamps drained him. Due to the TruBlood factory fires (which the Authority set up of course) the ban on gorging on people has been lifted.

Bill is now definitely a Sanguinista. Eric tried to escape with the help of the spunky tech girl from a few episodes back, but Bill ratted him out. In between having dirty (literally) sex with Salome, fantasising about a blood-soaked Lilith and draining Sookie, our gentleman vampire has crossed to the dark side.

Oh, the Smoke Monster curse has been lifted, Terry shot Patrick. All’s well that ends well.

Life is very dangerous at the moment for anyone who isn’t a vamp in Bon Temps. Until next week, let’s take Pam’s advice: “Let’s keep our heads down, our tits high and the True Blood flowing…”

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