Symbolism, sedition and clean slates? True Blood Season 5 Episode 10: Gone, Gone, Gone

Denis O’Hare via Wikimedia Commons

No doubt everyone’s seen this already. Still behind on the series but will be watching the finale tomorrow hopefully! And if you haven’t seen this, well, SPOILERS! 

Well now we’re suckin’ diesel, as we say in my part of the world. Season 5 has been a bit disappointing but after an engrossing episode last time, True Blood has returned to form with plenty of thrills, spills, and gore.

Poor Molly the tech girl. While Eric has been threatened with the True Death more times than most people have been to the supermarket, the Authority were never going to kill him off (think of the ratings collapse). Molly, despite her way with gadgets, was always more disposable. She was swiftly dispatched with her own iStake invention. That’s irony, Alanis. (Or is it? The word really  has lost all meaning.)

Her dying words were a diatribe against the Authority living their afterlives by a book “that’s thousands of years old”. The analogies with the religious right were really laid on with a trowel in this episode: we had Pam say “We procreate because we want to, not because some asshole dipped in afterbirth tells us we have to.” I half-expected her to whip out her Yazmin and wave it around.

Speaking of Pam, her and Tara were having trouble with their new vampire sheriff, who had told them that they must create 40 new vamps. This character was so unappealingly modelled on Johnny Depp/the Earl of Rochester/Lestat/Tom Cruise/Lord Byron it really was a pleasure when Tara, with dear old Ginger’s assistance, staked him. Pam looked shocked yet pleased by her progeny’s initiative.

Bill is brainwashed. It must be the Spock-like jumpers and Lilith’s blood. He and Nora force-fed Eric the blood, and Bill then retreated to a fancy TV studio to watch the results. While nothing showed up on the cameras, Eric and Nora hallucinated the whole thing together. Lilith and Godric battled for their souls, before Lilith killed Godric. Eric came out converted, but I can see the sedition in his big blue eyes. I’m sure the Viking has something up his sleeve.

Speaking of people with things up their sleeves: it was only a matter of time before Russell went rogue. He did so spectacularly at the end of this episode, adopting a strange foreign accent to tell us what we already knew: he doesn’t give a crap about Lilith, he just wants all the blood, power and daywalking for himself.

Russell’s seduction of Steve complete- with Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream as the soundtrack!- Steve is now free to enjoy his puppy. Only problem is that the puppy keeps turning into a terrified little girl. Poor Emma: the good reverend keeps screaming at her to stay wolf. Sam and Luna transformed themselves into mice to spy on Reverend Newlin during his TV appearance.

For a horrible second I thought Steve and the Texan lady vampire were going to massacre the TV crew. But of course, appearances are essential if the AVL are to conquer the human populace through stealth. However, Sam and Luna (who make cute little white mice) overheard the casual conversation about draining, and snuck off to Authority HQ in Steve’s manbag.

Almost out of words for my favourite man of the week. Jason was absolutely adorable, whether it was his surprise at meeting a real published author (a nice little scene with a local academic), lifting up a teddy bear’s skirt and cutest of all, crying over losing his childhood friend.

Hoyt has decided to move to Alaska (unsurprisingly given how Louisiana has worked out for him so far) and before he went he asked Jessica to glamour him so he would forget all about her and Jason. Her magic worked all too well, and Hoyt had no idea who Jason was when the latter pulled him over on his way north. Poor Jason. Sniff. I’ve got to go now, there’s something in my eye…

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