Can You Keep a Secret? Ireland’s answer to Fifty Shades of Grey (NSFW)


Millions of women all over the world have read EL James’ Fifty Shades trilogy, and have fallen in love with the book’s charming yet ruthless hero Christian Grey.

Critics of the Fifty Shades books say they’re badly written and don’t depict the realities of BDSM. So what is this scene, which has suddenly become so glamorous, actually all about? And surely it’s not happening in Ireland?

A new e-book, written by Katie Collins and Robert Carry, lifts the lid on Ireland’s underground sex scene. Can You Keep a Secret? has been in the Top Five of the iTunes book charts since its release earlier this month.

Katie (not her real name) began her sexual odyssey at a young age. From a dysfunctional family, her childhood was marred by an inability to fit in and bouts of self-harm. Katie began using chatrooms at a young age, and before she hit the age of consent she was stripping off in front of webcams for the titillation of men from around the world.

Her sex life got more and more extreme, and she began getting involved in the swinging scene. Katie met – and slept with – some of the pillars of Irish society at swinging parties, including doctors, teachers and gardai. Graduating from threesomes up to orgies, Katie’s tastes and desires grew ever more extreme. Her voracious sexual appetite saw her experiment with women, exhibitionism and orgies.

As the youngest girl on the scene, Katie soon found herself in high demand at swingers’ parties.

She submerged herself in the BDSM scene as a ‘submissive’ (someone who obeys the wishes of the ‘dominant’ partner). There are no Fifty Shades-type contracts here. Instead, we witness Katie being whipped viciously by her dominants.

Eventually, Katie began to fear her extreme sex life would stop her from ever getting involved in a stable relationship. She withdrew from the scene, but as she writes she ‘had enough excitement to last her a lifetime’.

Can You Keep a Secret? is an absorbing, unflinching, and often brutally honest look at the secret underground sex scene in Ireland. Shocking and sensational, it’s definitely one to stick on your iPad for that boring commute. Katie never shies away from depicting the realities of extreme sex, and at times it is a disturbing read.

The book is published by Y Books and is  available for download at €3.99 from iTunes. Keep an eye on The Daily Shift for more on Can You Keep a Secret?

Couldn’t put down Fifty Shades of Grey? A new Irish e-book has taken the internet by storm. Can You Keep a Secret? shows the realities of the underground sex scene. Roisin Peddle has more… 

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4 thoughts on “Can You Keep a Secret? Ireland’s answer to Fifty Shades of Grey (NSFW)

  1. I read Red Lemonades recap of 50 shades and I can kinda tell I don’t wanna read that book, however this one sounds different, I suppose because it’s real? Ya know what I mean? I hope it’s not written badly, might pick it up! xD

      • oh dear! Maybewe should do a dramatic reading! xD
        I dramaticall read a line out of 50 shades in the shop at work one day and my workmates abandoned me in embarrassment!!
        I then convinced one of the lads who got a mills&boon from a charity book sale to have a dramatic reading at lunch one day – great sthuff!
        Well not great,but certainly hilarious!

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