Fairies in trouble: True Blood Season 5 Episode 11: Sunset

Sure we haven’t had a picture of Jason yet. Via Wikimedia Commons

Spoilers for those of you who are a little behind! 

How I forgot to mention that Sookie was under a family curse last week I’ll never know, but yes, she is. Her ancestor (who was a bit of a “creep”)  signed over his first ‘fey-bearing heir’ (logically should this not be Sookie’s dad? He was the Stackhouse who sired a fairy? Also how does this work? Is fairyism a recessive gene? Someone explain this to me!) and that’s our girl Sook. With Russell and Steve on the loose, she hides out in Fairy Coppers for a bit.

Our minor characters have returned to being just that- minor. Andy is trouble for getting Maurella into trouble, and Arlene is back to being a gossip and Lafayette is being fabulous. Excellent stuff.

Meanwhile, Lilith, I know you’re an evil destructive goddess, but will you do me a favour? Either trim that bush, clean off all that blood or (here’s my favourite option) put on some clothes. She makes me feel quite nauseous showing up all bloody and hairy like something out of 1970s fetish porno. Lilith called by and said hello to Bill, Kibwe and Salome, telling them all they were the chosen ones. Bill was so hacked off that Lilith chose Kibwe, he ripped his head off. We then had a bit of a Lady Macbeth moment as Bill frantically washed his hands of Kibwe’s blood. Takes me right back, that does. Out damn spot, etc.

Is Lilith a mass hallicunation? Is she real? Pam gave an alternative explanation for Bill’s descent into evil. Large groups of vamps tend to bring out the absolute worst in each other when they ‘nest’ or live together for a long time. You know, a bit like an all-girls secondary school.

Whatever the reason, Bill has turned into a right ass. His bullying of Jessica- who has the natural scepticism of Lilith only one raised by fundamentalist parents can muster- reached new depths when she expressed concern about Jason.

“They’re food,” he reminded her coldly. Jessica tried to appease him by saying she loved Jason and would turn him if only she could go and find him. Bill took her up on her offer saying he wanted to do it “properly” and would send the helicopter. Natch.

Jason really hasn’t got a magical bone in his body because this must be the 26th time someone’s tried to make him into a supernatural. Jessica bit Jason just enough to make it seem to Bill’s lackeys that he was dead, before he leapt up and staked ’em both. She escaped to Fangtasia, where she gossiped about Pam with Tara. “Do you like like her?” Tara’s reaction was predictable. Of course she fancies the knickers off her maker. Roslyn turned up and arrested the trio, and Sam and Luna were also caught.

Speaking of incest, Nora-after a spot of snogging with Salome- realised that this Lilith thing is a load of baloney and apologised to Eric with a steamy sex scene. The pair plotted their escape and an unexpected opportunity appeared. A high-ranking US military official came to meet with Roman, only to learn the vampires’ true intentions. I rather liked this character and was especially sorry when Eric killed him. Eric offered to help with damage control, taking himself, Nora and two security guards off somewhere. Staking them and flying off, the siblings made their escape.

Back to the fairies. The elder appeared to help Sookie, who was warned that she ‘inhabits many different planes’. I loved this character too, who popped musical posers to Sookie while pondering the Warlo problem. “Kesha- for or against?” she demanded before musing on the great woman’s lyrical depth. “She doesn’t really sing does she? She talks. I suppose that makes her some sort of a poet. That’s alarming, because her spelling is atrocious.”

When the Elder returned to this plane, she exhorted the fairies to fight against Russell. Jason was to bring Russell and Steve to the field and she would be the first to make a stand. Bad move. However strong her fairy powers were, she was no match for the 3000-year-old nutcase, who drained her with upsetting ease. Full of fairy, he spotted the tent into Fairy Coppers. Oh dear. The fairies are sitting ducks.

I don’t want Russell to win, but you can’t but love a man who says things like “Jesus? I actually met him. He was a boring hippy who stank of patchouli.”

Really looking forward to the finale.

2 thoughts on “Fairies in trouble: True Blood Season 5 Episode 11: Sunset

  1. “Fey-bearing” technically means someone who gave birth to a fey. They bear the child. So all fey-bearers will be female. Sookie’s grandfather was a Stackhouse (Earl) and he was part fey, so assuming there are no other feys in the family other than Sookie and Hadley’s son that means that the first fey-bearing Stackhouse was Earl’s mother/Sookie’s great grandmother, no?

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