Trending on Twitter: #forgottenFatherTedcharacters

The Daily Shift’s Roisin Peddle hops on the latest trend and remembers some much-loved Father Ted characters… 

Fr Austin Purcell (Image by Mark Roche)

Fr Austin Purcell (Image by Mark Roche)

Like all the best fictional universes, the world of Father Ted makes fantastic use of tiny details. Trending on Twitter tonight is #forgottenfathertedcharacters, like:



Here are a few more you might well have forgotten about.

Fr Stone’s Dad and Granny

The pious yet oddly witchlike grandmother of the taciturn Fr Paul Stone knew exactly what Ted was up to, while his Dad just thought it was terrible altogether.

Fr Hernandez

Despite being a priest, Fr Hernandez credited pagan fertility symbols for his luck with the ladies, and despite being Cuban, he drove a red Porsche and listened to techno music. Fr Hernandez was accompanied by a faceless, BBC-toned interpreter.

Fr Barty Dunne

Things Fr Dunne found funny; people losing their slippers, people looking for said slippers, being on TV, David Bowie tribute acts, going to the toilet…

The nuns

Many nuns had walk-on parts in Father Ted, including Sr Julia, who was 97, and prompted the immortal line; “Have you ever imagined Father, what it must be like to be a 97-year-old nun?”

Tony Lynch (Image by Mark Roche)

Tony Lynch (Image by Mark Roche)

Tony Lynch

Tony, a quiet, mild-mannered soul until pushed too far by Fr Noel Furlong’s incessant enthusiasm, is believed to be living an unadventurous life in Paraguay.

Fr Billy Dwyer “The Spinmaster”

Fr Billy is the Catholic Church’s premier DJ with a weak spot for gambling. Big fan of the Specials and thinks ‘Ghost Town’ is Ireland’s national anthem.

Fr Purcell

“I knew a woman once, but she died soon afterwards”. Many people seem to find death a preferable fate than hanging out with Fr Purcell, including his parishioners in Nigeria, who went off in a big boat to escape his incessant talk of envelopes and boilers. The boat sank after a mile and they were eaten by alligators. My favourite Fr Purcell quote; “Sid Vicious; that was a grand name now. He had trouble with the drugs!”

Fr Tiernan, Fr Rafter, Fr Cafferty and Fr Leonard!

Sadly, Craggy Island just wasn’t ready for their Kraftwerk stylings.

Fr Bigley

We never got to see Fr Bigley, who wore perfume, was friends with Iraqi arms-dealers, had big fish lips bigger than the rest of his face and was in a home (because he liked to set fires, or possibly because he listened to Dana).

Fr Billy O'Dwyer, The Spinmaster

Fr Billy O’Dwyer, The Spinmaster

Fr Liam 

Fr Liam hated to think anyone was buying shoddy merchandise, and was willing to destroy furniture in his quest for better deals. He also relentlessly promoted his Mammy’s dress-making business, upping her sales to one per year. Fr Liam was the victim of one of Ted’s many white lies, leading him to remark, “Where else could he deliver a sermon dressed like Joan Crawford?”

Hud Hastings and Giant Reed

The usual trappings of sudden wealth (foreign holidays, new cars) were not for Hud Hastings and Giant Reed, Fargo Boyle’s henchman in the rigging of the King of the Sheep contest (“f**kin’ hell!”). Nothing less than a crown and a £1000 coat would do them, leading Ted to piece together the mystery of the Beast of Craggy Island.


Colm would like to be a good Catholic, and if that means racism, so be it. But he doesn’t know how he’ll fit it into his schedule. In the evenings, he’s so tired he only wants a cup of tea.

*Lead image by Mark Roche

The Daily Shift’s Roisin Peddle hops on the latest trend and remembers some much-loved Father Ted characters… 

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