Looking good (I hope!) and there may be chocolate

Did someone say CHOCOLATE? 

Chocolate! (via Wikimedia Commons)

Hopefully you may have noticed a few changes around here. I’ve changed fonts to make them a bit easier to read (I love the Puritan font for the headings, I must say), added a funky new background, and so forth.

Also, I have launched a new Facebook page for fans of the blog. It’s here at www.facebook.com/Randomdescent. I’d love some new likes. As well as blog posts there will be little pics and memes I spot and would like to share. The page can also be found on the sidebar here.

So to celebrate the new blog I will be giving the hundredth liker a bar of chocolate of their choice. It’s not much of a prize I know, but I am very poor.

Terms and conditions there are none, except it’s just one (1) bar per winner, and yes, I will post anywhere. However, if you’re an Aussie, don’t expect it’ll get there in one piece after Customs have had at it.

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