Five Sentence Fiction: Festival

(via Wikimedia Commons)

(via Wikimedia Commons)

Over on Lillie McFerrin’s blog, there’s a cool thing you can do called Five Sentence Fiction. She gives you a prompt, you write a five-sentence story about it. This week’s prompt was Festival…


The mothers spent the morning weaving buds and flowers into their daughters’ golden hair.

Pinching cheeks to ensure a rosy glow, brushing a little charcoal at the edge of eyelids, each older hand beautified a younger face.

The girls skittered in nervous excitement; which of them would be Queen of the May?

As the musicians tuned up, the mothers felt a flutter of fear inside.

Everyone knew what happened to the May Queen.

11 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction: Festival

  1. “…each older hand beautified a younger face.” Wonderful imagery. Now I want to know… What does happen to the May queen? You know a story is good when you want more. 🙂

  2. Wow, thank you all for the lovely comments! I really didn’t expect such a great reaction… Thank you again, I’m really grateful! 🙂

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