#WritePopFiction: Exercise 5

Write a paragraph about a location, either the city or the country, either at home or abroad, using all five senses. 

via Wikimedia Commons

via Wikimedia Commons

“Barcelonaaaa!” The old man standing in the passage outside La Boqueria market cried. “Barcelonaaaaa!” At his feet, small beaded trinkets lay for sale. I walked in, a cool breeze tickling my shoulders which had started to freckle from the warm Mediterranean sunshine. Something was cooking inside; a smell of meat frying suddenly attacked my nostrils. I was hungry. Like a dog on a trail, I followed the scent until I found a stall cooking sausages. I gobbled up the wonderful meat with a bread bun, the grease sliding down my fingers. Time for dessert. Standing opposite each other, a fruit stall and a chocolate one. Which to choose? The fruit looked like something out of an old video game, piled high and ripe for collection. They sold frozen juices too, so I picked a bright mauve one, which turned out to be ice-cold watermelon. Some chocolate for later; imagine my joy when I saw orange segments covered in chocolate. The stallholder demanded money in rapid Catalan, before beginning to censure the man with her furious words. I paid up, and walked on.

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