#WritePopFiction Exercise 3

Write an opening paragraph that will hook us into a story…

Image by Matryosha via Flickr

Image by Matryosha via Flickr

Maura Moore heard the slam of a car door from the kitchen. She’s home! She looked heavenward, at the ceiling which still bore the marks of damp from that bad winter, and paused halfway through making her husband’s eighth cup of tea. He hadn’t been as worried at first.”She’s in her wild phase,” he said. “They all stay out until 6am these days.” But as dawn slipped away and turned into morning, and now afternoon, he became nervy, anxious. She too, found it impossible to sit down, to talk. Why couldn’t she text them? Maura stood, waiting for the crunch of the key in the lock. But instead, the loud clatter of the doorknocker. She rushed out to the hall. Her husband had already opened the door. She saw his face crumple as he took in the uniform of the tall garda standing at the threshold.

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