Word Bohemia September Writing Challenge: Day 7

Over at Word Bohemia, a different prompt for every day in September. Loving this challenge. Here’s their Facebook page... 

By David Vale

By David Vale

Gold and shadows,  that’s all I remember. And a woman that called herself my mother. But if she was, then why did she have red hair?

My hair was, and still is, dark. My eyes brown. And I remember another woman who held me tight.

She gave me a rag doll but I lost it on a bridge of a railway station.

I remember Prague at dusk. The sky was pink and the world was gold. The lights of the city gave sheen to the rainy cobbles, People everywhere, none of them noticing the magic in the air. I believed magic existed. I believed in witches because I was with one.

I slipped away from her on the bridge.

I heard her cries, first in fury and then in desperation. I think she did love me, but she wasn’t my mother.

It was in Prague I escaped. But it was many miles before I found home.

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