Word Bohemia September Challenge: Day 8

Yesterday’s Word Bohemia challenge. 

By Cassie Tillet

By Cassie Tillet

What?!” Sarah yelled.

“I said, would you like a coffee?”


“Yes, that’s what I said!” I cleared my throat. The brass band played on, every high decibel note buzzing in my ears.

I don’t know where they came from, the band, or why they were playing. We’d just come into town for a nice day window-shopping, and now we couldn’t hear ourselves think.

The tuba player led the group as they moved from their stationary position in the square. They all wore bright new uniforms, with gold epaulettes. The effect, when coupled with shining brass instruments, was dazzling.

There came a general sigh of relief as the band moved down the street. We could think and hear again. The band seemed to take our lack of interest in them personally. They turned and began a furious crescendo. They followed Sarah and I into the coffee shop. The tuba player blasted a riff into my ears as I ordered my cake and tea.

Who’d have known the levels a tuba player could sink to, just for a date?

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