Word Bohemia September Writing Challenge: Day 11

Based on this prompt over at WordBohemia.co.uk

Image by David Vale

Image by David Vale

Just one cornettooooooo…”

“Stop it, will ya? He’ll hear you!”

“Give it toooo meeeeeeeee….”

“There’s a lot of water here, you know.”

My sister rolls her eyes. “No shit, Sherlock.”

I watch the glittering water, bright blue, as the city undulates. This is the weirdest place I’ve ever been. I feel a little seasick. I’ve felt seasick since we got here.

“I mean,” I said, “You are offending me and I feel I must remind you, a ducking often offends.” I gently push her shoulder.

Of course I regret it immediately, because Anna shoves me back, much harder. The gondola rocks. The gondolier shouts at us in furious Italian but I can detect “Stupid kids!” in any language.

Then he breaks into English. Not great English, but English nevertheless. “You should not be here!” He is furious. “Where parents?”

Anna and I glance at each other. Good question.

“Where parents?” He is frowning at us. I’m not sure if he’s still angry.

Anna leans to me and the look on her face reminds me that she’s the younger sister.

“Where are they, anyway?” she whispers.

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