Word Bohemia September Writing Challenge: Day 13

SERIOUSLY behind. Hope to catch up today… Based on the prompt over at Word Bohemia… 

Image by David Vale

Image by David Vale

Cold rain glitters on the streets. And there I see it; the last tram home. Making its way through the winter night. I can see their faces. The driver, staring straight ahead, probably thinking of his dinner. There’s a young man with his arm wrapped around his girlfriend. They both look so safe, and warm. And there’s a girl my age, turning the pages on a cheap paperback. Doubly lost, in the world of the book and the comfort of the evening tram. An old woman with shopping at her feet. Three or four schoolkids, chatting, laughing, bags from the music store on their wrists.

I reach into my pocket and check again. Not enough in the handful of brown and yellow coins. Not that it matters anyway. I’ve missed the last one.


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