Word Bohemia September Writing Challenge: Day 14

Based on the prompt here… 

Image by David Vale

Image by David Vale

Do you ever get the feeling, when you’re looking out at the night sky? That you could just jump out and fly, become part of the stars? The world is too small and too big at all the same time, that the stars are calling you home? We all have stardust in us, every single creature, from the lowest amoeba to biggest whale.

The night it happened I was in Assisi. Summertime, crickets providing the bassline to beeping and shouts and joy. It felt all so wonderful. I felt it then. So sure I could. I crept out on to the sill; the wonderful feeling of cold stone on the soles of  my feet. I miss that.

I leapt.

And I’ve been in this chair ever since.


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