Word Bohemia September Writing Challenge: Day 17

Today’s Word Bohemia Prompt

Image by David Vale

Image by David Vale


Not only is it a long way to fall, it’s also a long way to climb. To the top of the tower, where she waits for me. Do girls still wait, or do they decide to go out and find their own life? Maybe a hundred-year slumber is the only way to get a girl these days.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t think of the fame, the gold. People always said that to wake the castle would impose a terrible curse on the intruder. They say that the ivy and thorns would grasp you, and choke you to death. I’ve seen no evidence of that so far, no sign of any other human at all. No skeletons, no armour, no footsteps. The people of the village left the royal court to it, I think, and lived their lives while all inside slept.

The tower, the tallest, is the only part of the castle left free of weeds. I know why. Because ivy would give a climber something to grasp on. She thought of everything, the bad fairy.

I’m curious about the girl, of course, they say she’s beautiful. Golden hair, big blue eyes, all that. But as I gaze up at the sheer stone looming over me, I decide. Princess Gertrude is pretty too, and she’s awake, and she’s only twenty-two. What would I have to talk to with a centenarian?

Turns out I’m not Prince Charming after all. Sleep on, beauty, I’m sorry.

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