Word Bohemia September Writing Challenge: Day 18

Yesterday’s Word Bohemia Challenge… 

Image by Sharon Woodcock

Image by Sharon Woodcock


A brave little wave

Had enough of the big blue sea

“That old Atlantic,” she said

“Is always trying to bully me.”

So she struck out all alone

Hoping to find somewhere to make

(Beside a valley maybe,

or a nice inland town) herself a new lake.

She oozed up the beach

And nobody screeched

She was a very small wave after all.

A boy waved and she wondered how

To say hello (She couldn’t call)

So she gave a big splash!

An icecream man asked her

For a cone flavour

She pondered and asked for rock salt.

But she came to a halt

When she saw the big hill

As far as a wave can

She felt quite ill.

And out came the sun

And our wave’s story is done

Because out came the sea

“Oh, no,” roared the ocean

“You’re coming back for tea

If you want to have your own lake.

You’ll have to evaporate!”


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