Word Bohemia September Writing Challenge: Day 21

Yesterday’s Word Bohemia challenge… 

Image by Sharon Woodcock

Image by Sharon Woodcock

“That one.”

“Which one?”

“You see him. Asian bloke. Skinny. Poncy haircut.”

“Do you think so?”

“He’s come here, pockets full. Mummy and Daddy Honda sent him off with lots of moolah to spend at the Olympic Village. I’m telling you, he’s loaded.”

“Alright then. Do you wanna do it or will I?”

“I’ll take him. Woman’s touch.”

“Try the baby one.”

“Nah. Won’t wash with him. Too young. I’ll try the tour guide trick.”

“Good one. I’ll be behind you. You better be right about those pockets.”

“Great. Excuse me sir. Would you like to buy this guide to London, only one pound fifty, tells you everywhere you need to go, got this lovely map-”

“I’m from Wandsworth.”



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