Word Bohemia September Writing Challenge: Day 23

Today’s Word Bohemia Prompt… 

Image by David Vale

Image by David Vale

Woosh. The water washed over Maria, washing all the stress of the past few days away. She felt human again. It’d all been too much. A week of partying is too much, she thought. Alcohol seeped out of her pores, and her nose twitched. She needed this, finally, to be clean, after nights sleeping on floors and strangers’ beds. She’d made a nest in Diego’s kitchen one night, nestled on blankets on his cold tiled floor. 

She watched the tiny rivers of water pour down her bare chest. The noise of the water filled her ears and she closed her eyes to listen. The Mediterranean sun shone on her skin, warming the streams. Bliss. 

But there was something else. A rumble of voices, even a murmur of traffic. And finally, the angry voice of a policeman, muttering something about public indecency. 

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