Word Bohemia September Writing Challenge: Day 27

Can’t believe there’s only three days to go! I’ll miss this challenge when it’s finished. Here’s today’s prompt…

Image by Sharon Woodcock

Image by Sharon Woodcock

Years ago, there was a place called New York. Kept getting flooded. Do you remember that city in Italy they talked about in history class? Venice? The first water city. People kept visiting it, because they were so amazed that it existed. A water city was something back then.

It wasn’t like London. People didn’t keep perservering with it. The Americans abandon things that don’t work anymore. New York’s all under water now. They called it Atlantis City. Some kind of pun.

Crazy to think this sign is still here. Not much west of here. It rained so much in Ireland they just all upped and left. Land’s End. Not much land left now. I wonder, when did they come up with the name?


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