Word Bohemia September Writing Challenge: Day 28

Yesterday’s Word Bohemia challenge… 

Image by Cassie Tillett

Image by Cassie Tillett

Walking up the hill, panting, his knees aching, he realised that he hadn’t thought of her for hours. Not of her last moments, of how she must have struggled and cried. Hot guilt spread across him, a bodily feeling, like the onset of a cold.

There’d been hints dropped, of course. How the whole thing was truly, truly terrible, but it had been five years now, and wouldn’t she rather he found happiness, than dwelling on her murder?

He didn’t like dwelling on the end of her life, but he couldn’t seem to stop. It woke him still in the middle of the night, and the silence of the house unnerved him and made him think of the whole thing again. He began to leave the radio on during the night, like he used to when he’d watched a scary movie as a kid. Then he did the maths and realised he’d be better off letting out the house and going back to his parents. The regression was complete.

Today was the kind of day that reminded you that there was beauty in the world, bright and sunny and airy. As he reached the summit he realised her beauty was still here too, out in the world, somewhere you couldn’t see, but you could always feel.



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