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Stuck for something to watch over the Christmas holidays? The Daily Shift writers list their favourite Christmas films…

via Lavenderbluemedia

via Lavenderbluemedia

Home Alone- Elaine Carroll Contributor

When Home Alone is aired on RTE, that’s when we know the festivities have begun. It’s practically synonymous with the Christmas season and it connects with us all in one way or another. The Christmas classic touches on family tensions that we’re all familiar with in a comedic and heart-warming way. As the youngest of four children, I too have felt the brunt of sibling rivalry and neglect over the years. Granted, I was never left at home alone when I was eight while my family jetted off to Paris but you get the picture. Although I often find myself rolling my eyes at my generation’s fixation with nostalgia, Home Alone and the dysfunctional McAllister family is a part of the past I never want to let go of.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang- Aoife Bennett Lifestyle Editor

Is it a Christmas themed film? No it is not. Does it mean Christmas to me? Yes it most certainly does. It may not have jingle bells or Santy or any other Christmas staple, but it has one of the main ideas a Christmas film needs- songs to sing along to. The adventures of Caratacus Potts, Truly Scrumptious and Caratacus’ kids Jeremy and Jemima (let’s not start on the names here) and their flying/swimming/driving/what have you car are heart warming. Just have a pillow handy for when the Child Catcher pops up.

Die Hard- Simon Bracken Contributor

Yippee-ki-yay! Christmas is just around the corner and the ultimate festive movie is sure to be back on our screens. Die Hard, the movie that launched Bruce Willis, has stood the test of time to be considered a classic of its genre. While the franchise has been bled to death in the proceeding 25 years, the annual Christmas return to the original makes you forgive all that. Great dialogue, likeable characters, action packed and a fantastic villain. (Insert Alan Rickman German accent here) “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Elf- Katie Coyle Contributor

Elf is quickly becoming established as a modern Christmas classic. It has received frequent air time on sky movies and outrage was sparked earlier this year when Channel 4 announced it wouldn’t hold its annual screening of the flick. The best thing about Elf is that it manages to create an innocent sense of humour. A lot of humour today derives from controversial topics. Elf doesn’t need to do this; its family friendly nature embodies Christmas. However, a few crude gags do appeal to adult audiences (Buddy’s gift for that special someone comes to mind). As Will Ferrell treks to the Big Apple to find his father, he encounters many mishaps from an imposter Santa to fighting a dwarf. Nonetheless, he finally manages to spread Christmas cheer and save the day with his counterpart Zoey Deschannel. Buddy manages to capture our inner child, from his love of ‘syrup’ to his caroling abilities.

Love Actually- Roisin Peddle Editor in Chief

Love Actually is a movie for people with softer centres than a Golden Barrel. I love how this film shows us all aspects of love, from the wordless connection between Jamie and Aurelia, to the lust Colin Frizzell inspires in his American harem. We also get the downside. Karen’s marriage is not as secure as she thinks (oh, that moment with Joni Mitchell), family must always come first for Sarah, Mark can never get what he wants. It’s also hilarious, not least due to Bill Nighy. “Don’t do drugs kids. Become a popstar and they give them to you for free!”

Batman Returns- Eoghan Dalton

What does Tim Burton have against Christmas exactly? Between this and The Nightmare Before Christmas,he clearly enjoys giving the most wonderful time of the year a dark makeover replete with eye liner, manic hairdos and a dash of leather. His second (and last) go at Batman serves us up a grotesque version of Christmas where the conifers are nests for bats and a distorted Danny DeVito runs for mayor. Oh, and Michelle Pfeiffer tries eating a live bird in a nightmarish scene which wouldn’t be outdone until Joel Schumacher decided nipples were destined to be on breastplates. Leave it to Gotham to show us how the deviants spend Christmas…

How the Grinch Stole Christmas- Niamh Doherty Contributor

This 2000 adaptation of the Dr Seuss’ poem has easily become one of my Christmas movies of choice in recent years. The main star Jim Carrey shines as the Grinch and with his hilarious improvised antics and stunning visuals, it really is the epitome of what a Christmas movie should be. Carrey truly energises the entire movie with his weird and wonderful ways as he brings the viewer on a journey of fantasy and enchantment. This tongue-in-cheek tale is guaranteed to get you in that festive mood us non-grinches love.

Stuck for something to watch over the Christmas holidays? The Daily Shift writers list their favourite Christmas films…

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