Toys we loved as young lads

The editors of The Daily Shift, together with some of our contributors, have put together a list of the things Santy brought us when we were little. Were any of these on your list?



Elaine Carroll- contributor

Furbies. Beloved by children, the neon animatronic gremlin toy hit our shelves in late 1998. Parents despised them, kids adored them and by the time they sold out, well, pretty much everyone hated the furry little freaks. They were hungry all the time, needy, and squealed in an octave not even Mariah Carey could aspire to reach. Let’s be real, nobody has time for that. Legend has it that if you take the batteries out of a Furbie, drive over it with a monster truck and toss it in the skip, it’ll come back and haunt you from the grave.

Roisin Peddle- Editor in Chief

Eight years old, devoted to the Spice Girls, Roald Dahl and animals of all kinds, all I wanted for Christmas was a Tamagotchi. For those too young to remember, these were bizarre Japanese inventions which allowed you to pretend you were taking care of a pet. I already had real life pets at home which I could feed and water, but hey, they weren’t digitised. And they weren’t the most coveted items of second class in St Anne’s Primary School. Number one on my Christmas list arrived on Christmas morning. I tended to my virtual pet with the kind of love and tenderness reserved for first-born children, but I was no match for the manufacturer’s sneakiness. It was dead by New Year’s Eve…

Katie Coyle- Contributor

While this is not so much a toy, I’ll never forget getting my first phone from Santy. There were only two types of phones I recall people purchasing at that time, a large navy brick or a turquoise brick. I thought I had it made when Santa brought me the latter on one fine X-mas day. I was considerably young for a phone at the age of eight, but in retrospect they weren’t used for any purpose but playing Snake at that time. Polyphonic ringtones didn’t even exist. Imagine it was only a decade ago. If only we had foreseen that nine year olds would soon be traipsing around with iPads like final year students. Santa must be broke these days.

Aoife Bennett- Lifestyle Editor

Back when I was about six, I somehow got it into my head that I wanted to be a teacher. Mainly because I’m a teacher baby, and it was the only career path I knew. That Christmas, Santy came down the chimney with a Barbie classroom in tow. TWO of them. One was a primary school, with teacher, two students, student desks and a talking blackboard. The second was a secondary school. This one had six student desks, a teacher’s desk and a locker. It was love at first sight, and I played with it for years. Unfortunately, it couldn’t sustain my love of teaching, which pretty much broke my parents’ hearts.

Josh Prenderville- Sports Editor

I’ll never forget the Christmas I got a six foot pool table from Santa. I was about 9 or 10 at the time and it was all I’d talked about for the six months prior. “We’ll see what Santa brings and whether it will fit down the chimney” was what my mother kept saying. I spent the whole year anxiously wondering whether the chimney would be wide enough or not. The chimney was, but my room wasn’t. The pool table now lies abandoned in a corner. Still the best present ever though.

Kadie Pearse- contributor

I don’t remember if I was six or seven but I remember the day perfectly. It was Christmas eve and I could not contain my excitement as I awaited the arrival of Santa Claus. My aunt called to the house and we all exchanged presents. As soon as I unwrapped my present and saw the doll inside it was love. There she was with a blonde little curl in her bonnet and pyjamas. I named her Princess. Almost twenty years later and Princess and I are still inseparable. She has travelled with me to Paris, London and New York. She is a superstar amoung my friends and family. One unfortunate Christmas she was left behind in Paris and a relative posted her home to me in a box with holes carefully cut out (so she could breathe, of course). Sadly she is no longer allowed in my bed, I am a grown up after all (my boyfriend has insisted) but she still has a place in my room and I could never part with her.

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The editors of The Daily Shift, together with some of our contributors, have put together a list of the things Santy brought us when we were little. Were any of these on your list?

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