Word Bohemia February Challenge: Day 1

It’s back! The Word Bohemia February Challenge began yesterday, with this prompt below…

Image by Aaron Weight

Image by Aaron Weight

Platform Ten. That was the right one, wasn’t it? She checked the board, with its yellow-orange digital lettering swooping and swimming before her eyes. She checked her ticket. Yes, that was the right train, and the right platform, and the right time.

It was her first time encountering such noise. People wheeled small coloured suitcases behind them, traversing the hard floors of the station. They moved so quickly. She resolved to get one of them for herself when she arrived in New York. She had no idea what kind of place would sell cases, but it was the least of her concerns at the moment. Getting away, now, that was more important.

She picked up her case, the old fashioned valise that had been her grandmother’s, and headed for platform ten.

She expected the ticket collector to look at her strangely, to take her away and return her home, but he didn’t. He barely glanced at her. She got on the train, surprised by the newness and comfort of the interior. They weren’t coming for her.

The gentle rhythm of the train lulled her. They weren’t coming for her.

She was free.


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