Word Bohemia February Challenge: Day 2

Today’s challenge, a light-hearted one for your Sunday… 

Image by Cassie Tillett

Image by Cassie Tillett

“You can’t, Lynne.” There came the simpering laugh that Lynne was beginning to hate. “I mean, you and Jason want to have a piece of cake for your 50th anniversary, don’t you? That’ll never happen with a cream cake.”

She threaded her fingers around her favourite mug and watched the rain batter the windows. If she was really honest with herself, the kind of honesty that arises at 3am on a sleepless night, she would admit that the only reservation she had about marrying Jason was her future mother-in-law. It wasn’t that Bertha was a bad person, far from it. But she had ideas and traditions, and she thought Lynne was a bit too modern for her tastes. All that talk about getting married abroad. What would be the point of a wedding without every single cousin and local from the village enjoying a free meal?

Her phone buzzed softly. Jason. “Hope Mam’s not being too painful. I have a surprise x”.

Bertha complained about the flight, of course, and the heat, and the fact that the church looked like it was going to fall down. But she did it all discreetly, and to Jason’s father, and the couple hardly noticed. Lynne could hardly keep her eyes off the cake, the plump berries, the oozing jam and cream, the soft sponge. The only part that would keep was the memory.


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