Word Bohemia February Writing Challenge: Day 8

Slowly but surely catching up on this challenge! See all the prompts and lots more over at WordBohemia.co.uk… 

Image by Andie M Long

Image by Andie M Long

“Time to go children,” Miss Jones said, grasping William’s collar firmly. “Time for tea.”

William wanted to cry out, to say he didn’t want their rotten old tea- Saturdays were mash and mince and by the time it got down to the younger boys it was stone cold- but he knew that would earn him a cane across the palm of his hand. But he wanted to go to down to the beach. He could see the waves wash in and out, in and out, and the gulls cry to each other, and he wished so hard to be in the sand, shoes off, the water pooling around his toes. He’d laugh as the sea teased him, pulling away and returning with the tickly feeling of salt water. He would never leave it. It would be his friend, his companion, and he sit there, on the beach, and grow old, and never have to go back to Payne House again.

One of the older boys, Powell, one who Miss Jones had a fondness for, was the one to ask the question. “Miss Jones, can we please walk on the beach a while?”

She smiled, “I’m afraid not, dear. Mr Henderson would be very cross if I bring you back covered in sand. Now, come along.” She gently dragged William away from the telescope. “Kiss it goodbye, Master Morgan.”

William kept his head turned back until he could no longer see the beach.

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