Word Bohemia February Challenge: Day 9

Day 9 of the Word Bohemia challenge… 

Image by Aaron Weight

Image by Aaron Weight

I held onto my mother’s hand as the parade  wound its way through town. The sun glinted through the clouds and the bunting flapped gently in the breeze. They would be here soon, and the lady I longed to see- the Toothpaste Girl with her beaming smile. I wanted that smile. I ran my tongue over the gap where, up until a week ago, my front tooth had been. The buzz of the tooth fairy’s visit wore off. I sometimes whistled when I talked. I wanted a full set of beautiful pearly whites like the Toothpaste Girl.

And there she was, the parade grand marshal. She smiled at the crowd, showing those dazzling gnashers. I closed my eyes and made a wish…

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