Word Bohemia February Challenge: Day 10

Catching up again. Here’s Day 10… 

Image by Elaine Whyley

Image by Elaine Whyley

“Welcome to Smithsons, Mr Ryan,” his manager smiled widely but Chris noticed it didn’t reach his eyes. He waved a hand towards Chris’ new desk. The office was a big change from the chrome and glass of university; instead there was the kind of table he’d sat his school exams on and a cheap calculator.

They started him off on expenses accounts for the management of the finance department. It was easy stuff, and Chris signed off on the last ledger on Tuesday afternoon.

He played a few games of solitaire on the old Windows computer he’d been given, and watched the numbers tick towards 5pm.

With five minutes to go, he was startled by a rapping on the glass door.

“We need to talk, Ryan,” the head of finance said, lowering himself into the chair opposite Chris’ desk. He scratched his neck, his fingernails making a sound like sandpaper. “You have to do those expense accounts again.”

Chris felt his jaw fall open. Those figures had been simple, more suited to someone straight out of school than a university graduate. He knew they were right, knew it down to his marrow.

“Don’t look so surprised,” his manager gave a little snort. “Nothing wrong with your figures. Except here… Here, we like our accountants to be a bit more creative.” He gave a wink. “You know what I mean?”

He got up and patted Chris on the head, and shut him behind the glass door.

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