Word Bohemia February Challenge: Day 13

Day 13…

Image by Aaron Weight

Image by Aaron Weight

“Go now!”

“I can’t turn left!”

“… Yes you can!”

“NO I CAN’T. Do you want us to be KILLED?”

“You shouldn’t have driven. You’re too nervous. Look at what happened in Cherbourg.”

You can’t even read maps.”

“Oh, shut up.”


For a while the only sound was the car engine. Every now and then there came a whoosh of a fearless French driver speeding past. The sat-nav’s icy cold narration seemed oddly apt.

And then they found it. A parking space. They stepped out onto the cobbled streets. She could smell baking bread from somewhere, and a shabby violinist played a polka, his case open, coins glinting inside. Her hand found his, and he squeezed briefly.

Shooting her a sheepish smile, he said, “Happy honeymoon, darling.”


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